Comparison of CDC and  U.S.Tokenized Dollars

Comparison of CDC and U.S.Tokenized Dollars

Today we decided to compare the stablecoin of CDiamondCoin with other stablecoins that are pegged to the US dollar. Now ...
Telegram introduced a test version of the wallet; Ethereum developers announced plans to launch the Berlin hard fork; BitMEX «leaked» the data of its customers.

Telegram introduced a test version of the wallet; Ethereum developers announced plans to launch the Berlin hard fork; BitMEX «leaked» the data of its customers.

1. Telegram is implementing its plans by quick steps. The other day, the company introduced a user-oriented version of the ...

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1. The planned hard fork was held in the blockchain «Bitcoin Cash».

The update was activated on block 609136. It was released at 16:15:16 Moscow time by the pool. Such hard forks are held every six months according to the developers roadmap.

In the latest update, they fixed a bug that made transactions «unplastic». The situation, when a modified version of the original transaction can be accepted by the network, is impossible now. In Bitcoin, a similar problem was solved in 2017 by launching the Segregated Witness technology.

Also, in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, full support for «Schnorr Signatures» has appeared.

A little later, it became known, that a significant part of the miners didn`t update their software on time and thereby spent resources on adding several blocks to the old network.

2. Bitfinex is about to file a motion to dismiss the «unsubstantiated class action lawsuit» that was filed with the stock exchange last month.

It should be reminded, that earlier, a group of investors demanded that Bitfinex reimburse more than $ 1 trillion for market manipulations. The plaintiffs refer to a statement by the New York prosecutor’s office, according to which the exchange at a certain time didn`t have full dollar security, and also used USDT to artificially raise the BTC rate in 2017.

Bitfinex lawyers state that plaintiffs have no legal justification.

«There is no a number of other factors in the lawsuit that played a role in raising the price of bitcoin. In addition, it doesn`t confirm that the exchange really manipulated the market, the size of which was 700 times higher than its own working volume of USDT from March to December 2017. This is a ridiculous statement» the exchange wrote.


3. On Friday, a large number of small transactions occurred in The Bitcoin Mempool.

Moreover, most of them have an extremely small commission, which doesn`t interfere with the use of the network by ordinary users.


4. Bakkt began testing its payment application, which allows transactions for purchases in retail stores.

Full launch of the application is scheduled for the first half of next year.


5. Employees of the analytical division of Binance declare that «hodl» is still an actual investment strategy.

«Do you doubt it? Just hodl!» they note in their new research note, adding that often Bitcoin shows its main growth within a few days. However, what kind of days it will be difficult to predict, but at the same time they are easy to miss if you adhere to other strategies.

Therefore, a good decision would be to simply buy the first cryptocurrency and not pay attention to small fluctuations, waiting for large growth.


6. Tom Lee, Fundstrat co-founder, said that he hopes to see the same growth in bitcoin as the growth of shares of technology companies from Silicon Valley.

According to Lee, cryptocurrencies are an asset whose value is shaped by a spectacular network.

«The more people hold digital assets, the higher their price. This is a logarithmic function- if the number of holders doubles, then the course will grow 4 times. It is necessary to double the number of holders to Bitcoin exchange rate grow from current levels to $ 25,000» Lee said.

According to Fundstrat’s analysis, approximately 500,000 people are currently holding and using Bitcoin.


7. Mining pool «F2Pool» has launched a new Bitcoin mining server in Moscow.

«Russia and the CIS countries are the main goal in terms of business expansion. We work with a number of partners from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan» F2Pool representatives said.



8. The Chinese regulators of Inner Mongolia continue to tighten controls on mining companies.

This month, the National Development and Reform Commission of China presented a new list of undesirable activities, removing mining from it, but scheduled inspections in Inner Mongolia, on the contrary, became more frequent.

Regulators are trying to deal with violations that mining companies can make. For example, the use of state-subsidized electricity for mining cryptocurrencies is prohibited in the region. However, some companies impersonate the Big Data industry and receive reduced electricity tariffs.


9. Bitfinex is considering the possible entry to the predictive market.

According to Paolo Ardoino, technical Director of the exchange, the company can develop its own solution and present it in 2020.

«We are not very positive about gambling, so we will launch a completely transparent market system that meets all the requirements of regulators» he said.


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