All possible options of the  manipulations  in the financial markets and, in particular in cryptocurrency

All possible options of the manipulations in the financial markets and, in particular in cryptocurrency

As many people know, the cryptocurrency market is subject for manipulations. Some representatives of the community note that this is ...
Manipulations on cryptocurrency exchanges

Manipulations on cryptocurrency exchanges

Effective Market Hypothesis I suggest to get acquainted with the hypothesis of an effective market. In short, according to this ...

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1. Another «true» Satoshi Nakamoto has appeared. On his website, the «creator of Bitcoin» announced that he will reveal his identity in three stages. As part of the first stage, he has already «talked» about some unknown facts. At the second stage, he was supposed to provide evidence of ownership of the private key from the address, where almost a million Bitcoins are located. On the third stage, he promised to reveal his identity.

Howeber, a miracle didn`t happen. James Kaan, who pretended to be true Satoshi, doesn`t have a private key. He said that he «lost it», because he couldn`t have imagined such a great fate for his brainchild.

So, there is no anything new. Another «true» Satoshi loses his private keys.


2. BitMEX will restrict access to its trading platform for 11 countries: the USA, the Canadian province of Quebec, Cuba, Crimea, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Seychelles. This is due to regulatory restrictions.

«We restrict access for users of the jurisdictions in which the offices of the parent company HDR Global Trading Limited are located» this information on the exchange`s website.


3. The hype around Libra calmed down, but not for long. A delegation of six representatives from the US Congress Finance Committee will go to meet with Switzerland’s Data and Information Protection Commissioner Adrian Lobziger for exchanging views on digital currencies.

One of the most important issues that will be discussed is the development of the Libra stablecoin, because Facebook is an American company, but Libra Networks is registered in Switzerland.

Therefore, it is not surprising that American and Swiss lawmakers decided to meet.


4. Binance has announced the development of the Venus project, which will be an «independent regional version of Libra».

Binance wants to create new alliances with governments, corporations, technology and cryptocurrency companies, as well as other projects that interact with the blockchain. The goal of the initiative is to stimulate the emergence of new currencies.

According to representatives of the exchange, Venus is designed to put an end to financial hegemony.


5. The e-commerce giant Rakuten has launched its own cryptocurrency exchange Rakuten Wallet.

Now trading is available in three cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH and BCH. There is possible to get an access to the trading platform by using the mobile application, which is available on Android, but in early September the version for iOS will be announced.


6. Spanish banking giant Santander plans to launch a new money transfer system based on Ripple xCurrent.

The Bank is developing a «payment corridor» for Latinos. They will be able to send money instantly and free to the United States through the One Pay FX banking application that uses the Ripple xCurrent solution.

The application currently allows making transactions between the UK and Spain, but a corridor for Latin American countries will be available now.


7. Mark Mobius, the famous investor and founder of Mobius Capital Partners, said in a conversation with Bloomberg that the development of «faith-based» cryptocurrencies will encourage investors to pay attention to physical assets such as gold.

«All these psycho-currencies come into play. They are based on faith. Their rise will provoke investors to buy real physical assets, including gold, which can be not only an asset, but also a currency» he said.

Mobius doesn`t put Bitcoin on a par with traditional assets, although his comments have become less negative recently. In 2018, he said: «I think Bitcoin is fraud. Who controls it? No one gives an answer».

This year, he admitted that Bitcoin will find its users. «People want to transfer assets quickly and confidently. Bitcoin provides such an opportunity. I think that he will survive and show himself well».


8. Jeremy Aller, CEO Circle, is more optimistic. In his opinion, Bitcoin can be a tool for preserving capital, despite on the recent volatility increase.

«Obviously, an asset not controlled by the state and attracts the attention of people interested in the redistribution of capital to where they can control it. I think that many institutional investors accumulate Bitcoin» he said in a conversation with CNBC on August 19.


9. The clouds around Bitfinex and Tether are gathering. The court decided that the New York City Attorney’s Office has the power to investigate the activities of these companies.

It should be reminded, that during the trial, Bitfinex lawyers complained that the company doesn`t serve the residents of New York, and therefore the prosecutor’s office doesn`t have the authority to investigate. It said in the document, which was published on August 19, that «The court objects to the statement that the decision on jurisdiction in this case, which could affect the rights of the defendants, may be premature. The court, relying on the evidence and legislation presented, considers it admissible to consider this case. Therefore, the petition of the defendants is rejected, and the temporary ban on the investigation is canceled».

Now Bitfinex and Tether are required to provide documents, which are interesting to the investigation about their operating activities.


10. Bank of America, the second largest US bank, filed a patent for a «partitioned» system for the safe storage of digital assets in February 2018, but it was published only last week.

The patent describes the principle of creating a multi-level interface for a crypto wallet in a decentralized peer-to-peer network. The described idea partially resembles Bitcoin multi-signature wallets.

«The user in the wallet interface can divide assets in digital currencies into several elements, each of which is password protected and provides access only to a certain amount of digital currency» it is said in the document.


11. Vitalik Buterin said that the scalability problem of Ethereum prevents the fully developing of project.

«The Ethereum blockchain is almost completely full. This is a problem that impedes further growth. If a large organization decides to join the network, it will have to compete with others for the space to carry out transactions. So they are expensive, but will be 5 times more expensive» he says.

Buterin believes that in order to solve this problem, network participants must abandon the transaction verification model, within which each user must verify all transactions. A model should be used where only one computer needs to verify a small fraction of the transactions.

This promises a drop in security, but at the same time, it will reduce costs by more than 100 times.


12. The organizers of the largest financial pyramid PlusToken, whose volume reached $ 3 billion, are still free and can transfer the assigned funds.

Six campaign participants were arrested, but last week, the fact that the Chinese police are still looking for the organizers of the scheme was confirmed. CipherTrace reports that on August 13, 15,000 BTC were transferred from the alleged PlusToken wallet, bur later another 22,922 were transferred.