About Certified Diamond Coin


Each CDC cryptocurrency is provided with a 0.05-carat diamond. It is a hybrid coin, since it plays the role of security, but it can be used as a payment instrument at the same time. Certified Diamond Coin is currently working to obtain a license.

The company operates only in the legal field in compliance with all laws. The company falls under the rules of the financial market and the law about the prevention of the legalization of illegally acquired funds.


Our mission is to create a reliable, extremely transparent and stable coin, which will be exposed to the market fluctuations at a minimum level. If you look at the chart, you will notice the steady growth of the diamond market fully covers inflation as a rule, so, your assets will be not depreciated. SCS and Diamond Origin Verification help us to ensure the transparency. It provides an opportunity to trace the history of each gem down to its source. In addition, each diamond has its own personal identification code, so any manipulations with the asset are IMPOSSIBLE, which cannot be said about the dollar or gold.

About the magazine


The journal was created to cover the latest news of the cryptocurrency world and our thoughts about the important events that take place in this field. Also there will be broadcasted a Certified Diamond Coin livelihood.


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